Thursday 17 August 2017
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Most of the awards in the form of trophies, medals, plaques, shields etc are old fashioned now. People are now trying to do something out the box with newer inspirations and ideas. Customising awards are the newest trend in town and people who give away and receive will always have something to stand out in the wall of fame. Acrylic awards are very much in demand

Customising not only brings in the personalised touch but the uniqueness to the concept of an award. Not just embossing the logo, the winners names or what that award is for, but the actual design and make of the award should be total stand out which brings a whole new perspective to the award hosting event.

Make an award exclusive

Making an award special is to discuss the ideas with the promotors of the show, for what event it is being hosted, the cause for which it is being given, the budget in which it has to be made, the material to be used etc. And many other factors come into play while designing an award.

The one to one approach has helped the designer as well the person or corporate to get a clear idea what they want and what more can be added to the germ of creativity to make it into a fabulous end result.

The end product will give you an astounding quality and service of how a small idea can give fantastic results. The use of acrylic is a big in making awards though made out of many materials, acrylics along with metal and colour just add to the symphony of a marvellous creation.

The customers requirements are a priority and they can specify them in the form of speak to the concerned person how they want things to be done. The creative design team will definitely look into all the specifications listed and bounce ideas for various options that could be tried. Then prototypes can be designed and sent for appraisal to the client and get the feedback if any improvement is required.

The awards need to be eye catching and blow people’s minds away as to how the conceptualisation took place should be the number one query on every mind. The acrylic awards are made to a whole new level.

The pieces are made such a way, that the receiver will definitely cherish it for a long to come. This customised Award will definitely not be shoved in a corner but displayed proudly on their mantelpiece, cabinet, or table.

The makers will try to fit your needs to the very little detail right from what colour, font or what size the award should be to the weight of the award can be specified to your need and the creative will go great lengths to comply your requests and give out what you seek. The main task of the design team is to keep you and your needs in the look while making a unique design which will be a stand out.