Thursday 17 August 2017
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In the present days, sword is the very popular area of collecting. They may be available with the knife collection or by themselves in sword display stand. Many would like to decorate to make them show beautiful pieces, while others are useful. Some swords are designed purely for decoration, while others are meant to fight in battle.

There are different types of metals used for making the swords. Stainless steel swords are very popular and also easy to find in knives designed for display. This is not durable as the carbon steel that is often found in the sword designs to be used. If you are looking to collect swords and knifes just go into BladesPro website. Let us look into the some information about the katana swords and how to maintain it.

There are many forms of katana swords to choose from. First of all, katana swords are long and they were mostly used by the warriors commonly in Japanese battles and wars. But, they were more of the symbol than actual weapon. Many warriors would choose the poles or some other weapons which kept their attackers at a distance.

Let us discuss few points about the history and the culture of katana sword. Japanese warriors carried two swords in their belt on their left side. One is long and one is short. The long one is called Daito- the long saber which is known as katana, the short one is Shoto- the short saber which is known as wakizachi.

 But, in these days, these sabers are the beautiful material for collector, and this is still used for practice contest. Most of the choices in present days are in decoration, like beautiful cranes and the bamboo styles engraved on the guard that looks like a belt or the loop around the sword which helps you to protect your hand. This thing will be at the bottom of the handle.

Let us look discuss about how these katana swords are made. In the recent days, katana swords are handcrafted with the purpose of being usable art. They are very dangerous and this is not a toy to give children, the blades of the katana swords are specially made of carbon steel which is forged and pounded by hands in the conventional way by most of the manufacturers, you can also find out there.  The good form of katana has to be flexible enough or this should break in the battle.

All these are about katana swords; now let us see how to maintain it. One should clean their katana swords carefully, because the blades are very sharp and this can easily cut your hands. You can use fine oil and the rice paper to remove oil. And an important thing is that, move the soft cloths away from you, slowly and gently. The key is the patience and the slowness, because of the sharp blades in it.

While placing the katana back in scabbard, make sure the sword and the scabbard down and away from you. Hold opening close to top and slowly tilt the katana back into and slide it downward. The key point is to go slow and should be careful of the cutting edges.