Thursday 17 August 2017
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Know about Various Types of Scaffolding:

In this article, we will know about various different types of scaffolding.

– Standing Scaffold:

As the name implies, standing stands stand on firm ground. They are mounted on a horizontal scaffold which we call scaffold ladders. But it can also be a wooden stick. The scaffold is the simplest and most commonly used scaffolding system for a scaffold. It is usually fixed on the facade or wall by means of dowels made of nylon or threaded sleeves.

– Hanging Scaffold:

A hanging stand is used when a stand cannot be set up. This is often the case with bridges or similar particularly high buildings. Since the design is very different depending on the application area, we also differentiate here, for example, with the bridge framework. The hanger is attached to a boom or console which is stably connected to the structure.

– Boom Frame Scaffold:

In the case of a boom frame, beams are fixed to the ceiling, to which the parts of the framework are attached. The scaffolding thus hangs down from above or is built over a platform upwards.

– Console Framework Scaffold:

In the console framework, brackets are suspended on the outer wall in concrete braced suspension loops, which must be removed after disassembly of the framework or in the form of permanent anchors for future work.

Frame or module stand?

We distinguish between two different types of scaffolding:

Frame scaffolding is the system scaffolding with a, particularly short assembly time. Since each framework has to be individually planned and built, it requires a temporary approval. The system framework is predominantly used as a working and protective framework for the safe processing of facades or as a protective framework which prevents the crash of persons or material. It is thus not only used to work on the building but also to protect the workers and passers-by. If you in search of the scaffolding Manchester – you should visit the best scaffolding provider site:

Modular Scaffolding is the system scaffolding where prefabricated junctions are welded or otherwise attached to the stands at regular intervals of mostly 50 centimeters. At these nodal points, you can fix other parts such as bolts, diagonals or brackets. Today’s modular scaffolds are a further development of the steel tube coupling scaffolds. We use them mainly as a surface or space framework, e.g. Industrial framework or protective framework.

The 3 most important scaffolding materials in the UK:

– Steel

– Aluminum

– Wood

In foreign countries – especially in the Far East – bamboo is still an important raw material for scaffolding construction. The plant grows quickly; the raw material is favorable, resilient and mobile. Since bamboo does not grow so well here and static calculations with the material are difficult, steel, aluminum, and wood is the preferred raw material. If you are looking for scaffolding Manchester, visit this best scaffolding site: here, your every need of scaffolding will be satisfied and you will not require searching for anything, this is one stop shop for all kinds of scaffolding related requirements.